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Some geotechnical problems cannot be solved using standard analysis techniques due to the complexity and/or variability of the subsurface conditions and/or structure. Numerical modeling can be used to define the critical elements of the design, conduct stress, and displacement analysis, as well as evaluate potential design elements in both two and three-dimensional settings. Our firm utilizes finite-difference modeling to analyze the anticipated performance and displacement of composite soil-structure systems.TASHFEEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS can design the structure, detail the components, and provide specifications for construction. We can also provide on-site observation to ensure that construction is consistent with the design intent.  Our staff can address the unfavorable conditions encountered in the field by developing and applying reasonable and practical approaches to investigate and characterize the conditions encountered.  We are fully familiar and experienced with the practical application of analytical processes and tools, and can analyze the influence of altered conditions on the performance of the system.  We can then recommend measures for remediating the engineering characteristics of the soil and rock at a specific site through soil and rock improvement or supplementing the support design.

Ground Improvment

Many of today’s developments require ground improvement for underground construction or acceptable performance of the foundation and structure. TASHFEEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has extensive ground improvement experience ..

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Foundation Engineering

Engineering for the design and construction of foundations is one of the most commonly requested services that we perform.  Whether it is a deep foundation for the support of a bridge or a shallow foundation for a small..

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Excavation Support Systems

Geostructural engineering requires the collective expertise from geotechnical, structural, and construction disciplines to analyze the complex interaction between earth, water, and structure. The design of excavation …

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Complex environments and projects require customized techniques and approaches. Tashfeen provides innovative tunneling techniques in overseeing the design of small and large diameter tunnels and shafts beneath highway …

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