Excavation Support Systems

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Geostructural engineering requires the collective expertise from geotechnical, structural, and construction disciplines to analyze the complex interaction between earth, water, and structure. The design of excavation support systems, earth retention systems, foundations, and some types of ground improvement are common examples of geostructural systems. These systems are frequently on the critical path of a construction project and are needed to fix a problem (e.g., landslide stabilization). Additionally, they often involve a higher degree of risk due to inherent limitations in geotechnical site characterization, uncertainty in analytical methods, and the potential consequences of unsatisfactory performance. As a result, getting it right is fundamental to a project’s success.

TASHFEEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS combines empirical experience with sophisticated computer modeling to evaluate the impacts of excavations and various support of excavation (SOE) systems on existing adjacent buildings and facilities. Using geotechnical instrumentation during construction allows our experts to evaluate the actual vs. predicted performance of a system and make the necessary adjustments.

During construction of new structures where open cuts are not feasible, SOE’s support the ground outside excavations to control deformation of adjacent structures, utilities, and soil. SOE’s range from simple piles and lagging or sheeting, to complex slurry wall projects protecting sensitive and historic structures. Types of support systems have included but are not limited to cantilever walls, simply braced excavations, tie-back anchored excavations, open-water cofferdams, braced cofferdams constructed in conjunction with existing structures, and pre-stressed bracing for structures sensitive to movements.


Specialties Include

  • Slurry Walls, Sheeting, Soldier Piles and Lagging, Secant Piles, Cofferdams
  • Tiebacks, Anchors, and Deadmen
  • Internal Bracing and Rakers
  • Integrated support of excavation and Permanent Structure Walls and Foundations
  • Top-down Construction
  • Dewatering and Ground Water Pressure Relief or Recharge
  • Soil and Rock Grouting