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Geotechnical Engineering

Some geotechnical problems cannot be solved using standard analysis techniques due to the complexity and/or variability of the subsurface conditions and/or structure. Numerical modeling can be used to define the critical

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Our team have the expertise to develop a digital solution that may help you in designing and engeneering your solution. We have developed our tool who helped expert around the world by offering advanced smart solutions …

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Cosetta is developed, for the design of vertical drains. Such a product will certainly be useful for geotechnical designers dealing with embankments resting on soft clayey deposits. Different Features of COSETTA Settlement

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GeoSpring is a software tool used mainly for the design of shallow and deep foundations.Different Features of GeoSpring Design of Shallow Foundations: Bearing Capacity and Settlement Design of Deep Foundations: Bearing …

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Ground Improvment

Many of today’s developments require ground improvement for underground construction or acceptable performance of the foundation and structure. TASHFEEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has extensive ground improvement experience ..

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Infrastructure Engineering

We have delivered innovative solutions to infrastructure design projects to a range of clients, bringing a breadth of skills, experience, and excellence to each project.Infrastructure projects, by their very nature, …

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Structural Engineering

Our collaborative team brings a proactive approach that encourages creative designs and elegant solutions for projects of all sizes. We have extensive experience in the design, administration, and supervision of struc …

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Foundation Engineering

Engineering for the design and construction of foundations is one of the most commonly requested services that we perform.  Whether it is a deep foundation for the support of a bridge or a shallow foundation for a small..

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